NY Shakespeare Exchange seeks film directors to participate in a groundbreaking exploration of film, theater, and mobile technology. The Sonnet Project is a massive multi-artist, internet-based interpretation of Shakespeare's sonnets that puts these astounding poems quite literally into the pockets of people across the globe. More than 500 artists are joining in the project to create film versions of all 154 sonnets that will live on the Internet and be delivered to the public by way of a specially designed Sonnet Project mobile app.

WHAT'S THE CHALLENGE? Each director picks their favorite sonnet from the list below. Then NY Shakespeare Exchange reveals which NYC location will be the setting of the film, and assigns a classically trained actor to star in the piece. The director brings these elements together to create his/her personal expression of the sonnet.

Every sonnet is filmed in a unique location throughout the five boroughs of New York City, the birthplace of American cinema. From the iconic to the forgotten, we've chosen locations with deep cultural significance. In this way, we juxtapose the poetry of the city with the poetry of the Bard, and find a profound contemporary relevance for Shakespeare's sometimes elusive language.

The project launched with the first release on April 26, 2013 and will continue throughout the year of Shakespeare's 450th birthday in 2014. Several new films are released each month. The films and all supporting materials will be available free of charge to anyone in any sector of the population and foster an unprecedented level of access to Shakespearean performance.

To be considered as a director, click on your favorite sonnet below. The Sonnet Project's specific creative parameters are on the next page.